Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Telangana CM says some conspire to provoke religious violence in Hyderabad to postpone polls

Chief Minister Of Telangana K Chandrashekhar Rao has instructed the police officials to take stern action against certain anarchic forces, which are out of deep despair and disappointment try to create clashes and incite communal tensions in the Telangana State. The CM said that the government has definite information about these anarchic elements. He said that the maintenance of Law and Order situation in the state is top on the state government’s agenda and any attempts by the persons, elements to disturb the peace and harmony should be dealt with firmly and the anti-social elements should be crushed with an iron hand. The CM declared that the police were given a free hand to deal with the anti-social elements in the state.

The CM held a high-level review meeting on the Law and order Situation in the State. Chief Secretary Sri Somesh Kumar, DGP Sri Mahender Reddy, Hyderabad, Cyberabad and Rachakonda Commissioners of Police Sri Anjani Kumar, Sri Mahesh Bhagwat, Sri VC Sajjanar, Additional DGP Sri Jitendra, IGs Sri Stephen Ravindra, Sri Y Nagireddy, Nizamabad IG Sri Shiv Sankar Reddy, Warangal IG Sri Pramod Kumar and others participated.

“During the GHMC polls, certain leaders are trying to get political mileage through several conspiracies. At first, they have used social media to spread fake news. They tried to divert people with morphed photos. Later they have indulged in provocation through their utterances. But yet, peace-loving people in Hyderabad did not fall for their falsehoods. People are not reacting despite the attempts to whip up communal passions. They have realised that their attempts to get votes by throwing money did not work in Hyderabad. With this, they are stooping down to low levels to create communal clashes in Hyderabad and take political mileage of it. They want to create communal clashes in Karimnagar, Warangal, Khammam and other places and campaign about them in Hyderabad. They want to create some trouble in Hyderabad and paint it communal and they want to ferment trouble at places of worship. With these acts, they want to whip up the communal passions. They want to create such a communal disturbance so that the GHMC polls are not held and postponed. This their actual plan. The state government has definite information about this plan,” the CM said.

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“The aim and objective of the government is to maintain law and order situation come what may. Don’t allow anti-social elements plans under any circumstances. We have fought relentlessly to get Telangana state. We have worked with commitment, dedication, honesty and sincerity and brought the State to a certain level. We are not compromising as far as maintenance of the law and order situation is concerned. We have eradicated Playing Cards Clubs and illicit liquor. People have witnessed how the TRS government dealt with an iron hand against the anti-social elements, Mafia and other divisive forces. People extended their unflinching support to the measures taken by the government in this regard. The government has adapted a non-compromising stand on the anti-social elements and while maintaining the law and order situation in the State. This is precisely the reason why Hyderabad and Telangana State is in peace and harmony. People are also happy. People have not faced any problems in their day-to-day life. Hyderabad is regarded as the safe city worldwide. Investments are coming in a big way to the city and the state. Young people are getting employment. There is 1.60 Crore population in the metropolitan city of Hyderabad under the three Commisionarates. It is the main responsibility of the state government to protect the city. It is very important to safeguard the State, more so peace and harmony in Hyderabad. People here should lead a happy and peaceful life. Some elements are trying to fan the communal differences, clashes in Hyderabad and through which they want to take a political mileage. We don’t have to pardon people at the cost of peace in Hyderabad. Take a stern action against those creating the communal tensions. Whoever it may be even if they belong to the ruling party don’t spare them. Get the latest information and be alert all the time and quell the conspiracies,” the CM instructed.

The CM also urged the people to be alert and cautious against those trying to spread the communal hatred and clashes. He wanted people especially the youth to be cautious and should not become prey for those elements, which would try to whip up communal feelings. He also appealed to the political parties to wage a democratic fight in the polls in a transparent manner.

The senior police officials have assured the CM that they would be on high alert and would bust the conspiracies of the anti-social elements to break the law and order situation in the state. They also assured that the entire police machinery all over the state would be cautious, on high alert, and would ensure that no untoward incidents happen in the State.

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