The Telangana government has sacked more than 48,000 transport employees after they had gone for an indefinite strike for demanding the merger of TSRTC with the government. Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has passed the order of their dismissal. KCR has termed the strike of transport workers as an unpardonable crime which will not be forgiven in any way.

KCR had warned employees to join duties failing which strict action will be taken. He had also said that there will be no talks with the transport workers. Hence, he also rejected the demand for a merger with the government. During the high-level meeting, KCR also sets the deadline for the employees to join the duty as soon as possible.

On Friday, the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation employees had started their strike for demanding merger of the TSRTC with the government and recruitment to various posts, among others.

To tackle the problem for ferrying passengers, the AP State Road Transport Corporation made arrangements to help the Telanagana and run additional buses for the stranded passengers.

As the festival of Navratri is going on, the state authorities operating more buses to ferry the students and devotees from Vijayawada to Hyderabad.

Meanwhile, the Joint Action Committee (JAC) of various employee unions had accused the government of not to address the long-pending demands of the workers. JAC had also said the government also failed to address the demands including job security, payment of dues, filling up of vacancies and others.

The unions also alleged that the government is maintaining work pressure on the workers and are forced to perform the duty for more hours. They also said during the last 5 years, the government failed to recruit a single employee in the department.

The unions also alleged that the government is not even ready to discuss the issue. They had also warned the government if they failed to address their demands, they will gon on strike which is the last option.

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