Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, in a question, posed at the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on inflation and price rise, goofed up some basic math. He later deleted the post and put a new one with the right figures. Though the 47-year-old Congress leader did his bit to save him from the embarrassment, the Twitterati was quick to notice the gaffe. On Wednesday, the politician posted another tweet on his official Twitter account. He thanked the BJP for pointing out the mistake. He said that all humans make mistakes and that’s what makes life interesting.

“For all my BJP friends: unlike Narendrabhai, I am human. We do make the odd mistake and that’s what makes life interesting. Thanks for pointing it out and please do keep it coming, it really helps me improve. Love you all,” Rahul Gandhi said in a tweet.

The Tuesday tweet was a part of his one-question-a-day series to highlight the 22 years of BJP government in the state of Gujarat. Gandhi has started the series under the hashtag ‘GujaratMaangeJawab’ to take on the present government.

In the seventh question of his series, Rahul questioned the price rise in the last three years. He mentioned the failures of demonetisation, GST and asked the BJP government if it was for rich only. To substantiate his point, he tweeted a table with figures showing the percentage rise in gas prices and vegetables. However, all the percentages in the table were inflated by 100 points. For example, dal prices have risen to Rs 80 a kilo from Rs 45 a kilo.

The BJP took a jibe at Rahul Gandhi and highlighted the mistake and within minutes, the tweet was deleted.