Wednesday, September 28, 2022

The truth behind China’s Ladakh Spy sats and how it planned Galwan heist

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China’s had its eyes in the skies and has launched multiple satellites in the past few years but was China using these satellites to keep an eye on India and more importantly were these sats used to see India’s strategic position at the LAC and perhaps to plan the Galwan clash? Well, going by the trajectory of Chinese satellites there seems to be a clear pattern, indicating the same. In an exclusive investigation by our sister channel NewsX, it looks like China had been plotting the Ladakh heist and used their spy sats to achieve their insidious goals.

Almost two and a half months after the Galwan clash NewsX carried out the biggest expose on Chinese spy sats – In this exclusive our sister channel unmasked the real truth and purpose of these Chinese spy satellites. We traced the path of path Chinese satellites which were launched on 29th September, 2017 – namely Yaogan 30A, 30B, 30C.

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If you look at the track path of Yaogan 30A, you’ll see how it goes directly over Ladakh and the track path of Yaogan 30C show how it directly hovers over Ladakh. Also, one can even see the observable footprint of these satellites. These sats sweep over the Indian subcontinent multiple times daily – clearly showing how China is keeping an eye on India and using it to their advantage

The timeline of the launch of these Chinese sats is also very interesting. Curiously, right after the Doklam standoff, China launched three spy sats in 2017. And even more interestingly, on 24th March 2020 China launched 6 more spy satellites and by 5th May 2020, the Galwan clash happened – clearly exposing a pattern and showing China’s true face and spy tactics.

Also, the Yaogan series of satellites launched by China have been under a lot of criticism in the past as well. While Chinese media Claims that these satellites are only for ‘scientific experiment’ purpose, western analysts have always suspected that China has been using it for military purposes. Each satellite has a optical & synthetic aperture radar and the apparently real purpose of satellite is optical sensing for military even though China claims its used for remote sensing. The Yaogan class satellites are launched via Taiyuan/Jiuquan launch sites and are built by Shanghai Academy of Space Flight Tech.

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