An incident took place in Gujarat’s Limbodara village last week that makes us think whether are we actually living in the 21st century or not. A man was assaulted for sporting a mustache. On Tuesday, his 17-year-old cousin Digant Maheria was attacked with a blade by motorcycle borne assailants while he was returning home from school. As per reports, the attackers are from the Rajput community who allegedly said that Dalits cannot sport mustaches.

These recent instances have moved the Dalit community and sparked outrage among them men from the nearby villages are reportedly changing their WhatsApp profile picture to the picture of a big mustache with ‘Mr Dalit’ written below it.

On other social media platforms, young Dalit men are posting pictures showing them twirling their mustaches.  Krunal Maheria, another Dalit told the police last week that he was assaulted by some Rajput men for “sporting a mustache” in the same village

Digant was with his cousin when he was assaulted and injuries were inflicted with a blade on him to send a message as his older cousin had lodged an FIR against the men who attacked him. On Sunday, a young Dalit man was killed in a village in Anand district, Gujarat allegedly by upper caste Patel men who objected to his watching a Garba outside a temple.

As per reports, certain castes have been objecting to Dalits keeping a mustache as they feel it is a ‘privilege’ which rests with them. Therefore Dalits are not supposed to keep mustaches by the upper castes as they do not want to share this ‘privilege’.