Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Third wave sooner than expected, 2-4 weeks says COVID task force: Maharashtra

Maharashtra is the worst-hit city in India during the pandemic. The city clocked more than 1.4 lakh active cases, with new cases touching the 10,000-mark again. According to the COVID-19 task force projections, the third wave could hit Maharashtra within the next two to four weeks. The predictions were displayed during a meeting chaired by Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray on Wednesday. The meeting was attended by the state health ministers, senior bureaucrats, and the COVID-19 task force.

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According to the data submitted based on the projections of the third wave, the number of active cases is expected to reach eight lakhs compared to the existing 1.4 lakh. The wave of the coronavirus is warned if the covid guidelines are not followed. Dr. Shashank Joshi, a member of the task force, said, “The second wave has gone, and we can see crowding again and people violating the COVID-19 guidelines. The chances are such a scenario have increased. The Delta variant that we saw in the second wave is highly transmissible and deadly. The reason for worry is major.”

The second wave of the coronavirus also emerged from Maharashtra. Maharashtra saw 6 lakh cases during the second wave. The third wave may see a 10% increase in the number of active cases. Dr. Joshi also said that the third wave would not affect children, especially as “the potential of the pediatric wave is less.” However, people between 20 to 40 years of age are at higher risk, and that is certain, according to Dr. Shashank Joshi. He said that it is not advisable to open up the city before 70% of the state’s entire population is vaccinated, which is close to 7 crore people.

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