Thursday, September 29, 2022

This is a gesture of self-love: Guj girl Kshama Bindu set to marry herself

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Kshama Bindu, a 24-year-old Vadodara woman, said she plans to marry herself at the end of this month. She referred to it as an “act of self-love.” The June 11 wedding is regarded to be one of the country’s first incidents of self-marriage, or “sologamy.”

Kshama recently discussed sologamy and how it works in an interview with NewsX.

“It is marriage to one person to themselves only,” our anchor explained about sologamy. She went on to say that you accept yourself as a full person who loves herself and does not require anybody else. After that, you marry yourself.

Unlike most women, Kshama found her groom within herself. She adores herself so much that she refuses to marry anybody else. As a consequence, she decided to do the ‘saat pheras’ by herself.

Furthermore, when questioned about a future companion, she stated, “I’m thinking about the current moment. In the worst-case situation, if I fall in love with someone, I will do what makes me happy.”

Kshama did her own sologomy study and learned about the lady who married herself and listed herself in the groom’s part. She went on to say that in India, sologomy is neither legal nor prohibited. She continued saying that it was her dream to become a bride oneday. 

She also discussed the hostility she received on social media, where others ridiculed her decision to marry herself.

Kshama, who is bisexual, has begun planning for her June wedding by keeping everything 50-50 in terms of masculinity and femininity. She chose a dhoti kurta for her mehndi, a yellow saree for her holi, and a crimson lehenga choli for her wedding.

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