YouTube’s famous comedy group The Comedy Factory has released the Indian version of the popular song This Is America by Childish Gambino. Titled This is Hindustan, the song and video focus on the vital issues in India such as rapes, lynching, corruption, mob lynching, caste system, communal politics and much more which have become a huge problem for all the citizens of the country and yet no one is doing anything about it.

 Although the song has been given a funny twist, it majorly covers all the problems which have become a part of our everyday life. Directed and edited by Aariz Saiyed, the video and song have been made with the support of Manan Desai, Arpita Manek, Hima Patel, Hetan Shah, among other members of the Comedy Factory Team.

 This is Hindustan has gone viral on the Internet and has taken social media by storm. The song has garnered thousands of likes of video-sharing platform YouTube and has become the voice of the youth. In the name of beef, cow and religion and cattle smuggling, Hindu fundamentalists are lynching people and it has become a major issue for the country. It involves humour but will still force you to think on where is the future of this country is headed to.

However, the video will send shivers down our spine at the end when the rapper is shot dead between the crowd and as he body is lying on the floor, people ignore it as if it is not even there.

This is Hindustan indirectly talks about JNU student Umar Kahid who was a former member of the Democratic Students Union, reportedly went missing from the campus immediately after Delhi Police arrested Kanhaiya Kumar on charges of ‘criminal conspiracy’ and ‘sedition’ under Sections 124A and 120B of the Indian Penal Code

The song has taken over the Internet ever since it was released one day before our 72nd Independence Day and we must say it will force us all to think about this country and the people’s future.

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