In a bizarre incident being reported Kerala, it has been found that a temple in the state has literally called out for the blood of devotees for worshipping the idol. The temple is situated in the Vithura village of Thiruvananthapuram. The matter was highlighted after the temple issued a public notice asking for the blood of the devotees for the ‘raj tilak’. The notice issued by the temple talks about the annual festival celebrations. In order to celebrate the annual festivals, the authorities of the temple have plans to receive blood from the devotees in order to worship the god. In the notice issued, the authorities also stated that the temple will have government approved doctors to take blood from the devotees which will later be offered on the god.

As per reports, the following event is scheduled to take place on March 12 at around 6 PM. Apart from this bizarre ritual being held at a temple in Vithura village, it has been reported that a senior police officer is campaigning against the odd rituals which are being followed by lots of temples in Kerala. In a bid to end the odd rituals a police officer is actually campaigning against a ritual where the bodies of young boys are pierced with iron hooks. In order to spread awareness about the odd rituals, the DGP of prisons and correctional services had requested the authorities of a temple to abolish the ritual of Kuthiyottam.

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Condemning the ritual, the police officer claimed that causing mental and physical pain to young kids is a criminal offence. The ritual, Kuthiyottam is an eight-day ritual where the boys aged between 5 to 12 years are pierced using iron hooks. The ritual is practised alongside the annual 10-day Pongala festival. The following rituals which are still being practised by various temples across the nation act as an indication stating that no matter how modern we may call ourselves but still our blind fate is holding us.

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