Time magazine report: Despite easing restrictions with the lifting of curfew and partial restoration of phone services, Kashmir is not returning to normalcy, said the Time magazine report published on Wednesday, October 23. It said that markets continue to remain shut for most of the time, educational institutions are closed, unpicked fruit is rotting in the orchards.

The report quoting Kashmir Times editor Anuradha Bhasin said that the central government has pushed eight million Kashmiris behind an iron wall by resorting to unprecedented clampdown following the scrapping of Jammu and Kashmir’s special status.

Time has also quoted former Supreme Court Justice Markandey Katju’s column in the Week published last month, claiming that Kashmir will become India’s Vietnam war. Katju wrote that the Valley will be the same what Vietnam was for French and America, and Afghanistan for the Russians and Spain for Napolean.

OPINION: Kashmir will become India’s Vietnam war

The American weekly said that anger was simmering in Kashmir which could become a great security risk. It said that thousands of Kashmir have been put behind bars, adding that the security forces had detained around 13,000 boys during protests and raids. The report also mentioned that the apple trade has been the worst hit due to the lockdown and the communications blackout.

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India Is Slowly Easing Its Lockdown in Kashmir. But Life Isn’t Returning to Normal

Meanwhile, the international media has extensively reported on Kashmir in the aftermath of the situation ensued by the dilution of Article 370. The New York Times, the Washington Post, BBC Reuters, AFP etc, have done a lot of stories. These publications have also reported on the alleged human rights violations in the Valley.

For instance, in a report titled “The night the soldiers came: Allegations of abuse surface in Kashmir”, the Washington Post alleged that several youths in south Kashmir were brutally beaten and tortured. Citing a case of 25-year-old Yassin Bhat, the report said that the Army removed his clothes and gave electric shocks to him in the dead of night.

In Kashmir, Growing Anger and Misery


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