A clash broke out between 2 communities at Shencottai near Tirunelveli on Thursday night when a Ganpathi procession was passing via an area where members of the other community live in large numbers. According to the reports, the Ganapathi procession was passing through the usual route when a section of the 2 communities clashed.

On Friday, the clashes erupted again between the 2 communities in the area when the procession was again taken out through the problematic route.

Now, the police and revenue officials have planned to organise a peace meeting between the representatives of both communities.

As per reports, on Friday when the procession was taken out, a section of the other communities youth opposed it saying that the idol should be taken via another route. However, people taking out the procession argued that for several years the Ganapathi procession had been taken via the same route.

Suddenly, stones and empty bottles started being hurled in which more than 10 people were injured. The Police then resorted to lathi charge to contain the situation.

In the violence, seven cars and three autos, all parked along the Periya Pallivaasal Street were damaged. Miscreants also damaged two shops and an ATM.

Now, section 144 has been imposed in the district which will remain in effect till tomorrow.

As of now, the situation still remains tensed and more than 1000 policemen have been deployed for security measures.

“Prohibitory orders had been clamped to ensure peace and bring back normalcy at the earliest in this region. Around 1000 policemen were deployed at Shencottai after the clash. Liquor shops in Shencottai, Tenkasi and Kadayanallur taluks to remain closed until further orders,” Tirunelveli district Collector, Shilpa Prabhajar Satish, was quoted by The Hindu as saying.

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