In a bizarre incident being reported from Rajasthan, the police have arrested the mother for hatching a conspiracy to kill her son over a property dispute. The incident took place in Chhoti Sadri of Pratapgarh district on April 6. The investigating police have arrested the mother along with her son-in-law and four others for sedating the victim and killing him. As per reports, the mother had paid Rs 1 lakh to a highway dhaba owner to kill her 21-year-old son. The son was a frequent visitor at the dhaba.

The body of the victim, Mohit, was recovered a day later, on April 7 at a deserted location near Rati Talai in Rajasthan. As per reports, the victim was not mentally fit and had been abusing his mother since his father had died. The deceased son was also a drug addict. After getting tiered of the daily torture, the mother had left him and started living with her daughter and son-in-law in Bambori village. The accused mother had some four beega of land that she wanted to sell. However, the son was against the idea of selling the land. After locking horns over the property dispute, the mother hatched a plan to get her son killed.

Commenting on the matter, the investigating police officer said that Mohit was a hurdle as he didn’t allow his mother to sell the land. Hence, his mother and brother-in-law conspired to get him killed, the officer added. As per a report by TOI, the mother then sought help from Ganpat Singh Rajput resident of Bambori who ran a dhaba at Ranikheda village, where his son was a frequent visitor. Ganpat Singh Rajput was paid Rs 50,000 in advance to kill her son and agreed for the remaining Rs 50,000 to be paid after the job was done. Further disclosing the matter, the investigating police said that Mohot was killed on April 6, when he had gone to the dhaba to eat. The owner had laced his food and even offered him liquor. As Mohit left the dhaba, other people from dhaba followed him. While on their way back, they stopped to have another beer and as soon as the victim lost his senses, the accused strangulated him to death and went back to the dhaba like nothing happened.

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Taking the cognizance of the matter, the police arrested the mother, brother-in-law and two others for the murder. The mother is reportedly in the judicial custody.

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