Monday, August 8, 2022

Toolkit Case: Bombay HC grants three-week transit anticipatory bail to Nikita Jacob; Police hints ISI, Khalistani Involvement

In recemt developments around the “Toolkit case”, Disha Ravi, an “environment activist” was arrested by Delhi police as she was accused of being a co-conspirator in the case. She is suspected of having written and edited parts or whole of the toolkit that contained instructions of protesting that could be easily incited into riots. While the Congress party and other protestors are claiming that Disha is just a climate activist, the Delhi Crime branch has blamed her for creating the toolkit and propagating it to the masses.

Meanwhile, the Delhi crime branch has also released a non-bailable warrant against lawyer and activist Nikita Jacob and Shantanu, an associate of her. They are both suspected of being in league with Disha Ravi and are believed to be a part of the global conspiracy against India. However, Bombay High Court has granted a 3-week transit bail to Nikita while Shantanu has received a 10-day interim bail.

All three of them had earlier held a Zoom meeting with a total of 70 participants to plan the Farmers’ Riots that took place on January 26. The Republic Day violence and the Farmers’ Protests are now believed to be part of an international plot to harm the image of India and evoke sympathy for the farmers, whilst also reviving the Khalistan Movement.

The police also believe that a woman named Punit, living in Canada, had introduced Disha Ravi, Nikita Jacob and Shantanu to the Poetic Justice Foundation. This group is led by Khalistani separatists and is seemingly leading the defamation campaign against India unless it is just a figurehead and there is some other entity yet unknown pulling the strings.

Additionally, the Delhi Police has also implicated Pieter Friedrich in the case. He has been on the watchlist of security agencies since 2006 and is now suspected of having come up with the methods of launching their scheme on social media, that is, the hashtags, known people to tag etc.

Peter is also an acquaintance of Khalistani terrorist Bhajan Singh Bhinder. Bhajan Singh also has ties with Pakistani intelligence agency ISI. The co-founder of the Poetic Justice Foundation, Mo Dhaliwal, also held Zoom meetings with Disha Ravi, Nikita Jacob and Shantanu, among others. Since these individuals used Zoom to conduct their meetings and plan their moves, India has asked the video conferencing service for insight into these meetings.

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