The Gujarat government on Tuesday reduced the fines under the amended Motor Vehicles Act charged for penalising motorists breaking traffic rules. Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani made the announcement in a press conference today. The new fines came into force all over India from September 1, 2019.

The new penalties say that if a person rides without a helmet, the penalty would be Rs 1,000. If a motorist drives a four-wheeler without wearing the seat belt, it would cost the motorist Rs 1000 and the penalty for driving without a license will be Rs 5000 in which it will be Rs 2000 for two-wheelers and for four-wheelers it would be Rs 3000 but the Gujarat government has reduced the fines in half.

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani on Tuesday made the announcement in Gandhinagar that the fines which were laid in the new motor vehicle act was high for the common man and the government has just reduced them. He said the government was not showing any leniency to traffic violators and Rupani pointed out the penalties were still 10 times of earlier fines.

In Gujarat, the government has reduced the fine for riding a two-wheeler without a helmet to Rs 500 and similar cuts across the board. Some other states have also pushed it back saying that people need time to get familiar with the enhanced fines. The last week saw people in Odisha rushing to get their vehicles checked for pollution control certificates fearing steep fines. There have been reports of two-wheeler riders and truckers being penalised for a large sum of money.

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