Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Twitter loses its ‘Intermediary’ status in India; Govt claims ‘failed to comply with guidelines’

On June 5, the Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has given Twitter one final warning to comply with the new social media company standards. According to the sources, Twitter also wrote a letter to the government stated that it is making every effort to adhere to new social media company rules and that it has hired a Nodal Contractual Person (NCP) and a Resident Grievance Officer (RGO) on a contract basis.

Now Twitter one of the tech giants that has lost its position as an intermediary platform in India due to new IT laws. According to government officials, Twitter is the only prominent social media platform that has not complied with the new legislation. Social media networks with an ‘intermediary’ status are immune from liability for any third-party data they host. Losing legal protection or position as a social media intermediary has major consequences.

The new legislation was enacted by the Indian government in the month of February. According to the rules WhatsApp, Facebook, Google, and other companies must appoint a chief compliance officer, a nodal officer, and a grievance officer in the country, the three officials had to be Indians and personnel of the organizations.

In addition, social media platforms must use techniques to detect content depicting rape or sexual abuse of children. They are required to submit a monthly compliance report that details the complaints reported and the actions that were already taken.

Also, a few days ago, the UP Police have registered an FIR naming Twitter and others in connection with a video of an elderly Muslim man being assaulted in Ghaziabad on June 5. Twitter is now subject to legal action because it no longer has legal immunity. Till yet Twitter has not replied to a statement on the UP Police’s FIR.

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