Twitter has unleashed a massive crackdown against fake accounts that have resulted in Prime Minister Narendra Modi losing a huge number of his followers. Following the crackdown, 43.3 millions of Twitter followers have come down to 43.1 million. Since Modi came to power, he had made one thing clear that he is the man of social media. Modi mostly resorts to his social media accounts to convey a message or even launch a scheme sometimes but with Prime Minister losing a huge number of followers it might get difficult for him to pass on his messages in future.

With reports claiming that PM Modi carefully picks who he wants to be interviewed by, with this crackdown, Modi might be forced to step out of his comfort zone of journalists and reach out to others in order to pass on his message.

Earlier, a report by Burson-Marsteller had stated that 2,41,80,000 of Modi’s 4,03,00,000 Twitter followers are fake. It was not just PM Modi but Congress president Rahul Gandhi has also lost a number of twitter followers.

The following developments surfaced after twitter rolled-out a guideline to curb the flow of misinformation and also to combat the fake news which has turned out to be a bigger issue in India as it resulted in several deaths in past few months.

As per a report by Washington Post, Twitter has already suspended over a million accounts in recent months.

Apart from Modi, US President Donald Trump is also said to be on the list of accounts with the most number of fake followers.  Reports suggest that at least 37% of Trump’s 48 million followers are fake. Trump is someone who uses his Twitter account to roll out a new project or even criticise a news channel.

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