When Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb claimed that Internet and satellite communications were present during Mahabharata times, he sent people across the country into a frenzy. Nevertheless, the BJP leader did not just stop there as he went on to back his theory by questioning people “How could Sanjaya (the charioteer of King Dhritarashtra) give a detailed account and description to the blind king about the battle of Kurukshetra?” But again, it was just his opinion that he expressed (with conviction) and it was followed by the opinions of people on social media.

Expectedly, he invited a torrent of reactions on Twitter where people came up with hillarious theories. Some cited how a silly WiFi quarrel led to the Mahabharata while some gave pictorial representations of how people during the ancient times could have used the social media. A string of parodies bombarded the Twitter timeline and here are our top picks from them:

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Pendrive found from Mahabharat period. Please send it to @BjpBiplab so that he can save his important documents..

Bumped into Bhim (of mahabharat). He said he was going to buy a new mobile as he does not fit into one selfie frame!

Journalist @SwetaSinghAT excavated a site near Hastinapur and found a pen drive with these screenshots which support Tripura CM’s claim that internet existed in india in the days of Mahabharat

Nuclear launches during Mahabharat times. Colorized.

I don’t know about you but way back during Mahabharat times, me and my buddies used to order gas online… Internet connection was mad fast in those days. Cylinders used to be delivered by Pushpak Vimanas

Even Facebook existed during Mahabharat period. It was created by Markandeya Chakrabarti he called it Mukh-Pustika, he was Mark Zuckerberg’s ancestor, Mark became a rice bag convert and now it is called Facebook.

Ram and Sita met on @Tinder. Ravan stalked Sita on @instagram.Laxman tried to protect her with a firewall but Sita fell for Ravan’s phishing. Had her identity stolen. In the end Ram cut off Ravan’s net connection. #Mahabharat #Tripura

Eklavya was the first Indian to enrol in a distance learning program.

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