In a shocking incident being reported from Delhi, a 25-year-old cab driver was arrested for allegedly abducting, harassing and molesting a female passenger in the national capital. The driver was reportedly taking the booking coming from Uber application. Filing a complaint with the Delhi Police in the matter, the victim alleged that she had booked a cab with Uber. However, after finding that the driver took a different route than the one she preferred, the victim tried to jump out of the car but failed as the driver activated central-locking.

The reports also suggested that the car involved in the incident had black tainted glass and no yellow coloured commercial vehicle number plate — which is a must in all the cabs. The shocking incident took place on Friday, when the victim, a resident of Rohini, booked a cab. The cab arrived at 7 PM outside victim’s house. As per police reports, the victim took the cab even after noticing that the cab was missing the yellow number plate. Just a few minutes after the ride started, the woman noticed that the driver had gone on an isolated route. Finding herself lost, the woman tried to jump off cab but failed as the driver had centrally locked the car.

Commenting on the matter, the deputy commissioner of police (north-west) said that after the complaint was registered, the police teams were pressed into action and the accused was arrested from a village in Haryana in an inebriated state. The accused was later identified as Sanjeev alias Sanju. After the primary investigations, it was found that the accused was driving the cab even though he was not registered with Uber. Meanwhile, responding to the allegations levelled against the Uber, its spokesperson said that it was the matter of ‘identity theft’. In the statement issued post the incident, the company stated that they have immediately removed the driver from accessing the Uber app. The statement further added that strict action will also be taken against the original driver as he allowed a non-registered driver to access his account and take trips using the Uber application.

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Further disclosing the matter, the DCP told HT, “Victim got into the cab around 7 PM on Friday, but noticed that the vehicle did not have a yellow number plate. She still took the car.” The officer added that the woman also screamed for help but all went in vain. Later, commenting on the escape of the victim, the police said that at around 9 PM the girl escaped after the car slowed down near a CNG pump in Jahangirpuri. A case has been registered and the driver has been booked under the charges of sexual harassment, kidnapping, wrongful confinement and criminal intimidation. Later, the police contacted Uber and traced the details of the original owner.

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