Although life has become much easier for people in the capital with the arrival of Ola and Uber cabs, the safety aspect still remains a concern. Fears of commuters remain intact as many cases of molestation and hooliganism by drivers keep coming to light. The safety issue raised its ugly head once again on Monday when a NewsX journalist was left midway by an Uber driver. The man did not just end the trip but also indulged in verbal abuse and tried to assault the journalist physically.

Janki Dave, a NewsX journalist took to Facebook to describe her ordeal. According to her, she was on her way to the airport in an Uber cab from Noida to catch a flight scheduled for 8:05PM. However, as luck might have it, she got stuck in traffic for over 2 hours. Convinced that she would not be able to make it to IGI airport in time, she asked the cabbie politely to take her back to Noida. Upon his denial, she requested him to take her to the scheduled drop point. However, much to her shock the cabbie named Dhiraj dropped her under the Rao Tularam flyover, Vasant Enclave and ended the trip right there.

And that is not all, when Ms. Dave asked the driver to drop her at a well-lit location, he started indulging in verbal abuse and threw her belongings out in a deserted place. He even tried to physically assault her. The most shocking part of the entire story is that no passersby helped the lady or tried to control the violent behaviour of the driver. Meanwhile, Uber have said that they have suspended the driver and are investigating the matter. 

The burning question is when will these companies learn a lesson and ensure the safety of passengers? Also when and how did we become so insensitive to the distress of a person that we have all the time in the world to watch ‘tamasha’ and ‘nautanki’ but not a minute to lend a helping hand?

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Posted by Janki Dave on Monday, 12 February 2018

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