After stirring a controversy by honouring the eight convicts in Jharkhand’s Ramgarh lynching case, Union Minister Jayant Sinha defended his stand of felicitating the convicts and claimed that he has just honoured the process of law. A row erupted after the Union minister Sinha was seen garlanding the accused of Ramgarh lynching case. the incident took place after the accused reached Sinha’s house after being released on bail. Reacting to the controversy, the Union Minister took to his twitter handle and stated that he condemns all the acts of violence and stands against the vigilantism. He further stated that the rule of law is supreme in India’s Constitution.

Reacting to the ruling passed by the Ranchi High Court in Ramgarh lynching case, Jayant Sinha said that the court had suspended the sentence to 8 convicts and had set them free on bail. He added that the case was admitted by the court and will be heard again.

He added that he had constantly expressed he disagreement over Fast-Track Court sentencing every accused to life imprisonment. He further expressed his pleasure over the case being heard by High Court as a ‘statutory court’.

Hitting out at the media reports, the Union Minister stated that he has full faith in his judicial system. He stated that some ‘irresponsible statements were made about his actions’ for honouring the law. He added the innocents will be spared and the accused will be punished.

As per reports, a total of 11 men, including a BJP leader were convicted and were awarded life sentence in connecting with the killing of a 55-year-old Muslim man in Ramgarh. The High Court had suspended the life sentences and agreed to hear the matter again.

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