A day after Union minister Satyapal Singh claimed that Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution of man was scientifically incorrect, micro-blogging platform Twitter is abuzz with responses. While most people have urged the minister to not delve into science unnecessarily, he is found support with certain sections who believe these theories must be questioned and debated upon. Singh had earlier stirred a storm by saying that our ancestors never mentioned that they witnessed an ape turning into a man. 

“Darwin’s theory (of evolution of humans) is scientifically wrong. It needs to change in school and college curriculum. Since the man is seen on Earth he has always been a man. Nobody, including our ancestors, in written or oral, have said they saw an ape turning into a man,” Mr Singh had told reporters in Aurangabad on Saturday. He had further said that the theory should not be taught to children in school. 

Check out some of the Twitter reactions on the statement of Mr Singh: 

“Vivekananda had absolutely no problems in accepting Darwin’s Theory of Evolution long before many parts of (and groups in) the Western world. He even thought deeply about it and asked interesting questions about the terminology of ‘survival of the fittest’ etc.”

“Science is vast n a chemist is not a geneticist So the minister needs to understand the role of genetic mutation in evolution which is the scientific evidence not mere contrarian views.”

“Dear people of India. Does it not worry you that a man who claims Darwin’s theory is wrong because ‘ancestors’ didn’t see apes turning into man is in charge of education and human resources?”

“The edifice of reason, logic and science is the new Babri for BJP! They are striving to demolish it…brick by irreplacable brick.?”

“Guys. I just wanted to let you know Darwin was wrong. No one saw ape turn into man. No evidence. I mean such a huge event and not one selfie taken? That doesn’t seem right.”

“Minister dumps Darwin’s theory : ” ..ancestors ..” never ” saw an ape turning into a man .”But today we see men turning into apes !”

“Breaking – Apes join protest against Darwin’s Origin of Species. They deny any involvement in the existence of certain homosapiens.”

“Let’s get #Evolution right, India 🙂 #Darwin”

“Those critiquing @dr_satyapal ‘a statement today, please google “Challenging Darwin’s Theory” before throwing around judgement. It’s a “theory”, not a proven “fact”! I rest my case!
#Darwin #Evolution”

“waiting for these little fellows to turn into humans any time soon #Darwin”

“After scrapping #Darwin theory of #Evolution @dr_satyapal is floating #Satypal_Theory_Of_Evolution …. I m sure my ancestors were monkeys but not donkeys”

“Why politicians like #SatyapalSingh should leave #Darwin type controversies to scientists like @neiltyson.”

“False theory by Darwin. If you can’t prove something, be a minister and just say it. Because proving something is too mainstream

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