Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s grandnephew and BJP’s Bengal president, Chandra Kumar Bose on Saturday compared the first Prime Minister of the nation Jawaharlal Nehru with the leader of the Nazi Party, Adolf Hitler. Stirring a controversy, Chandra Kumar Bose said that unlike Nehru, Hitler never betrayed his nation. Bose who is known to be a vocal critic of Nehru, also claimed that Jawaharlal Nehru just wanted to sit on the throne by “su***** up to the British rulers.” He further accused him of betraying his own nation.

Taking to his Twitter handle, Bose said that Hitler was a nationalist who had a dream to rule Europe. However he never betrayed his people. “Well Hitler was a nationalist whose intention was to conquer Europe but he never betrayed his nation. Nehru wanted to sit on the throne without fighting- but su****g up to the British. In short, Nehru betrayed his nation,” he said. Stating that Hitler was “Devil” and that he was not “supporting him”, he said that no matter what, Hitler was not a fraud like Nehru. In his subsequent tweet, he said, “I’m not supporting Hitler-of course he was a devil but he was not fraudulent like Nehru who in the guise of being a nationalist was actually a British lackey. The British tortured and killed millions of Indians over a period of 200 years-but #Nehru wined and dined with them!”

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He further accused Nehru of portraying a totally different image in front of the people just so he could achieve his motive. He also blamed the former Prime Minister for the partition of India and claimed that he had betrayed his nation. He said, “Hitler was responsible for holocaust but he never projected any different image- Nehru on the other projected completely a personality that he wasn’t-mainly responsible for Partition of India which led to disastrous consequences. A leader who betrayed the nation.”

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