In a bizarre incident being reported from Uttar Pradesh that highlights the unruly nature of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders, a BJP lawmaker stood in his car and kept mum while his son along with other BJP workers thrashed a toll plaza employee in Mathura. The incident that took place on Tuesday was captured on the cameras installed outside the toll plaza. The BJP legislator was later identified as Pooran Prakash whose son brutally thrashed a toll plaza employee after a barrier fell on to their car while they were trying to rush through the toll plaza in Mathura.

Commenting on the matter, the toll plaza employee stated that the BJP legislator’s son car was tailing the other car that was allowed to pass through the toll. As per the video retrieved from the plaza, two of the employees posted on duty at the time, got out of their office and pulled the barrier down as the car were trying to pass without paying the toll money. Following the incident, the son of the BJP legislator along with other BJP workers got out of their car and thrashed the toll employees.

Meanwhile, the BJP legislator who gets paid to make sure the law is followed by one and all, sat quietly in his car. Apart from enjoying a brutal fight that his was son was having, the BJP legislator blamed the toll employees for the incident. He further justified his stand by stating that the toll plaza employees were at fault. The BJP legislator, Pooran Prakash, represents the Baldev constituency in Uttar Pradesh. Reacting to the incident, the BJP legislator said, “My security vehicles went before us but still they dropped that stick on our car, despite seeing “vidhayak (legislator)” written on it prominently. This is nothing new, they often do such things”.

The BJP workers didn’t just stop at this; they later blocked the toll plaza and made sure that all the cars passed without paying a single penny to the toll.

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