Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) lawmaker from Uttar Pradesh, Vikram Saini, sparked a fresh row with his controversial statement where he said that since the name of the country is ‘Hindustan’ it implies that the nation belongs to ‘Hindus’. The controversial BJP leader also alleged that the previous governments have been indulging in the politics of appeasements of the Muslims. “I am a hardcore believer in Hindutva. Our nation is called Hindustan, which means a nation for the Hindus. Today, everyone gets benefits without any discrimination,” Saini was quoted as saying by Times Now from Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh.

Vikram Saini represents the Khatauli assembly of Uttar Pradesh. The BJP leader also targeted the previous Samajwadi Party (SP) and Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) by saying that they always tried to appease the Muslims. “The longer the beard, the bigger the cheque,” the BJP leader added. The controversial leader has made the appeasement remark when the top brass of the saffron party is advocating ‘’sabka sath sabka vikas’. The top leadership of BJP has time and again advised its party members and post holders to refrain from such comments.

Currently, BJP MLA Alwar (Urban) Banwari Lal is also surrounded in controversies after he alleged in his Facebook post, that Muslim bear up to a dozen children with an aim to outnumber Hindus and to take “control of the country”. He shared this post on Monday and is still stuck with it. To support his comment he said that if a Muslim couple cannot give birth beyond a few children, the man will not hesitate to marry a second time. This, he claimed, the Muslim man will do “even if they have to buy girls from Bihar or (West) Bengal”, and added that such examples can be found in Alwar itself.

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