The Uttar Pradesh Cabinet on Wednesday approved the proposal to launch a rehabilitation scheme for Bengali Hindus that migrated from East Pakistan in the 1970s. As per an official release, the Uttar Pradesh government will rehabilitate 63 Hindu Bengali families who came to Kanpur from East Pakistan, now Bangladesh, in the year 1970. “These families will be rehabilitated on about 121.41 hectares of land in Kanpur Dehat district allocated to them for agricultural work and housing,” the release said. The families will be given 2 acres of land for agriculture and a 200 square metre area for residence on a Re 1 lease for 30 years, which can be extended for another 30 years twice,” it added. 

The government said these families will also be given Rs 1.2 lakh for the construction of the house. It further informed that earlier, 65 families were earlier given jobs at a mill in Meerut, which shut in 1984. “A total of 65 Hindu Bengali families were rehabilitated by giving them jobs at Madan Yarn Mill, in Hastinapur district but due to the closure of this mill on August 8, 1984. Now, among those 65 families, members of two have died. Hence, 63 families are waiting for rehabilitation,” the government said.

The government informed that in the year 1970, arrangements were made for the rehabilitation of displaced families from East Pakistan. “Under the provisions of The Displaced Persons (Claims) Act, 1950 and The Displaced Persons (Compensation and Rehabilitation) Act 195, the Central Government provided assistance to 332 families who were rehabilitated by providing residential and agricultural land in Orissa and Badaun.”