In a shocking incident of killing, two Dalit families, one Gupta and another Pal have reignited the debate over honour killing. 23-year-old Abhishank Pal was burnt alive by Radhey Gupta for having an affair with his adopted daughter Shivani Gupta. When asked why such a heinous action, Gupta audaciously said he wanted to save the dignity of his caste.

On the way back to the hospital where his ailing mother Rambeti was admitted, Abhishank was caught by Radhey Gupta and two others who nabbed him and tied to the cot and burnt him alive. Five have been accused in the killing of the boy of which three have been arrested including Shivani, her father Radhey and mother.

He was taken to the same hospital where his mother was admitted and his whole body had turned black except for some portion of his face. His uncle said he was wailing in pain. Meanwhile, the mother who was recovering in the hospital also died on hearing that her son was set ablaze. She suffered a heart attack and died on the way to another hospital in Lucknow.

Abhishank, who was fondly called Monu at home also died on his way to a hospital. While his father Mithlesh is still not able to absorb the brutal turn of events. After cremating his wife and son, he has been quiet, said his brother Ajay Pal. Two days have passed since the tragic incident was reported and the police so far have arrested 3 of the five accused and are looking for the two on the run.

Ajay said his nephewAbhishank had gone home to collect some cash for his mother’s treatment but was trapped by Shivani’s father and others who had different plans.

He added that Abhishank was stopped by Radhey and two neighbours Satyam Singh and Shikhar Singh at about 1 am outside their house. They abused and assaulted him before setting him on fire. It was after village locals intervention that the police found out about the incident following which he was admitted to a district hospital with the body inflicted with 70 per cent burn injuries

As far as the girl Shivani his concerned, who has also been arrested by the police, she was locked inside a room when her father and others burnt Monu (Abhishank). She claimed that she was often beaten up by her foster parents after they found out about her affair with Abhishank. The two met in schools where they started liking each other.

Abhishank was killed on Saturday after Shivani had messaged him to meet her on the terrace but soon uncle Radhey Gupta woke up and caught the two. He then locked her in a room and beat Monu brutally, added Shivani.

She claimed that her uncle and aunty burnt Monu alive despite begging and pleading. The aunty, on the other hand, cursed Shivani for all the problems in their life whom she adopted at the age of 3 from her sister.

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