Missing buffaloes seem to have a close connection with Uttar Pradesh irrespective of the government in the state. Once again Uttar Pradesh police is having a tough time to find two missing buffaloes of BJP MLA Suresh Rahi from Hargaon in Sitapur. According to reports the buffaloes went missing on Saturday evening and following this a complaint was resisted and now the police are working on the case. In the previous Samajwadi Party government, minister Azam Khan’s buffaloes went missing and UP police were able to crack the case very soon and recovered the buffaloes.

In the present case, Suresh Rahi filed a case in the Kotwali police station, following the complaint police teams were formed to arrest the accused and recover the buffaloes. According to the MLA from the Sitapur area the cost of the buffaloes was Rs 1 lakh and therefore he registered a complaint with the police. When Azam Khan’s buffaloes went missing in 2014 and he registered a complaint with the police the opposition then attacked the then Samajwadi Party government saying that Uttar Pradesh police was too busy finding buffaloes while the law and order situation in the state was abysmal.

It is irony of sorts that how the same instance has occurred once again but this time Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is on a receiving end. The instance has given fresh salvo to Samajwadi Party and they do not seem to leave any chance to target the government. There has been no comment by the opposition in this matter till now.

However, it is yet to be seen how the police team will crack the case of the missing buffaloes and how much time they will need to arrest the accused and recover the animals. But definitely buffaloes have been giving Uttar Pradesh police some really tough time.

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