Wednesday, August 10, 2022

UP poll of polls: BJP leading the electoral race

The groundwork has been laid for the high-stakes election contest in Uttar Pradesh in 2022. The political struggle in Uttar Pradesh is gaining steam as the ruling BJP seeks to regain power on the back of its developmental agenda, battling an adamant Samajwadi Party and a rather quiet Mayawati-led Bahujan Samajwadi Party and Indian National Congress. Meanwhile, the NewsX’s poll of polls survey indicates that the BJP will win the upcoming election.

Seat Share:

Out of the 403 seats, C Voter has predicted BJP to win around 231 to 237 seats. Meanwhile, 145 to 151 seats are expected to be retained by SP, 17-21 by BSP, 6-8 by INC and 4-6 by others.

Ground Zero Research, on the other hand, has predicted that BJP will come back to power with 241-245 seats. As per the same survey, 144-148 seats are expected to be bagged by SP, 5-9 by BSP, 3-7 by INC and 1-3 by others.

P MARQ has also predicted BJP’s win, suggesting 249-269 seats. Meanwhile, 113-133 seats are expected to be secured by SP, 9-17 by BSP, 3- by INC and 0-4 by Others. Designed box has also predicted BJP to win the election with 245-267 seats. 125-148 seats are expected to be secured by SP, 5-9 by BSP, 3-7 by INC and 0-1 by others.

VETO has predicted BJP’s win with 212-231 seats. As per VETO, 147-158 seats will be secured by SP, 10-16 by BSP, 9-15 by INC and 2-5 by Others.Jan Ki baat has predicted that BJP will be sweeping Punjab polls by winning around 228-254 seats. It has predicted that 138-163 seats would be secured by SP, 5-6 seats by BSP, 2 by INC and 4 by Others.

As per poll of polls, BJP is likely to lead the electoral race with 242 seats. SP will be at number 2nd with 141 seats. 11 seats will be secured by BSP, 6 by INC and 3 by Others.

Vote Share:

As per C Voter, BJP is expected to lead with a 41.2% vote share, followed by SP (35%), BSP (14.2%), INC (7%) and others (2.6%). Ground Zero Research has predicted BJP’s comeback with 42% vote share. According to Ground Zero Research, 38% vote share would be secured by SP, 14% by BSP, 4% by INC and 2% by others. P Marq has predicted 41.1% vote share for BJP, 33.4% for SP, 13.3% for BSP, 6.7% for INC and 5.5% for Others.

VETO has predicted 42.38% vote share for AAP, 34.25% for Congress, 14.80% for SAD, 4.01% for BJP and 4.55% for Others. Designed Box has predicted 41% vote share for BJP, 34% for SP, 12% for BSP, 6% for INC and 7% for Others. Jan Ki Baat has predicted 42.4% vote share for BJP, 36.6% for SP, 11.2% for BSP, 4% for INC, 5.8% for others.

The Poll of polls has estimated 40.97% vote share for BJP, 35.30% for SP, 15.35% for BSP, 6.06% for INC and 2.32% for others.

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