As thousands of Pro Trump supporters gathered outside the US Capitol and violent clashes broke out. In an interesting turn of events, a person holding the Indian Flag could also be seen among the protestors. The presence of the Indian Flag has gained a humungous amount of attention on social media and became the center of numerous debates nationwide just within a few hours of the Capitol siege.

What is being called “an assault” of the oldest democracy has managed to spark debates in the world’s largest. Many netizens took to twitter to express their outrage.

Famous Comedian Vir Das tweeted, “Dear random Indian dude waving Indian flag at the #CapitolRiots Every large crowd IS NOT A CRICKET MATCH!”

BJP MP Varun Gandhi too took to the platform to manifest his feelings but it led to a war of words between Congress MP Shashi Tharoor and himself. Gandhi tweeted, “Why is there an Indian flag there??? This is one fight we definitely don’t need to participate in…”

To which Tharoor responded “Unfortunately, @varungandhi80, there are some Indians with the same mentality as that Trumpist mob, who enjoy using the flag as a weapon rather than a badge of pride, & denounce all who disagree with them as anti-nationals & traitors. That flag there is a warning to all of us.

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In response Varun lashed out on Tharoor by saying, “[1/2] These days, it’s become too easy to deride Indians for using our flag to showcase our pride in our country. At the same time, it’s also too easy to use the flag for nefarious purposes.”

He added, “[2/2] Unfortunately, most liberals have flagrantly ignored warnings of its misuse in anti-national protests (e.g. in JNU) in India as well. It is a symbol of pride for us, and we venerate it without due regard to any “mentality”. @shashitharoor”

Shiv Sena’s Priyanka Chaturvedi too shamed the flag-waver. “Whoever is waving this Indian flag should feel ashamed. Don’t use our tricolour to participate in such violent & criminal acts in another country.”, she tweeted.