Hours before the visit of US Vice president and first daughter Ivanka Trump, the US embassy at Mexico’s second city Guadalajara has been attacked with explosives. The authorities said that the attack took place on Friday night and a wall of the building has been damaged. There were no injuries caused to anyone, they said. The federal authorities will investigate the matter and will give out information on the development in due time, tweeted the prosecutor’s office for the western state of Jalisco.

The bombings occurred just a few hours before Vice President Pence and Trump’s advisor and daughter Ivanka were scheduled to land in Mexico City on Saturday morning to lead the high level US delegation which was supposed to attend the induction of freshly elected Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

The investigating authorities said that a person hurled the explosive device at the consulate building and ran away. In spite of the beefed security ahead of the visit of the high-profile bilateral delegation, the suspect managed to hoodwink the security personnel and fled the scene.

Pieces of grenade were recovered from the scene according to the investigation who spoke to the AFP on the grounds of anonymity. The blast was massive and left a 16-inch hole in the wall. According to reports in International media, the blast is rumoured to be purported by a dominant drug trafficking organisation of Mexico Jalisco New Generation Cartel had earlier issued threats of a probable attack at the embassy. The cartel which is one of the most notorious and deadly drug peddling cartels in the city has always been on the US’ hitlist for anti-drug operations.

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