Thursday, September 29, 2022

BJP members gather outside Coimbatore jail days after Uthama Ramasamy’s arrest over remark on Manusmrithi

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Tamil Nadu: BJP members on Friday gathered in front of Coimbatore Central Prison to meet with Uthama Ramasamy, the district president.

A. Raja, head of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK), was questioned by BJP members about his “controversial” remark about Manusmrithi, and on Wednesday, Tamil Nadu police detained them on suspicion of “inciting civil disorder.” Uthama Ramasamy was detained for the Road Roko protest on the “Manu Sastra” problem, along with 11 other party employees.

Despite PFI searches, death anniversary of Hindu Munnani functionary Sasikumar was marked yesterday, and JP Nadda, the head of the BJP at the national level, was in Tamil Nadu.

According to the BJP, a series of bomb-throwing incidents occurred at several Coimbatore locations with this as their sole target.

An ignitable substance-filled bottle was thrown at the BJP headquarters in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, on Thursday night, inciting unrest in the neighbourhood.

Following this, BJP supporters demonstrated in the neighbourhood calling for the offenders to be punished. This is a form of “terror assault,” claims the BJP.

G.K. Nagaraj claimed, “The bomb hurdled at the BJP headquarters was a kerosene-filled bottle bomb. It was not a petrol bomb.”

To take control of the situation and start an investigation, police arrived on the scene.

A BJP member named Nandkumar told reporters: “Our office was hit by a petrol bomb; this is how terrorist strikes happen. Today, raids (against PFI) occurred in a number of locations. The BJP National President is also present in the state for the leader of the Hindu Munnanis’ anniversary.”

The event happened a few hours after prominent Popular Front of India (PFI) leaders and members’ homes and offices throughout India, including Tamil Nadu, were searched in coordination by the National Investigation Agency, Enforcement Directorate, and state police forces on Thursday.

Earlier on Thursday, searches were carried out at 93 locations across 15 Indian states.

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