While the entry of women at Sabarimala temple is still being discussed at the Supreme Court, a temple in Hamirpur district of BJP-led Uttar Pradesh was purified soon after a Dalit BJP MLA Manisha Anuragi visited the temple. As per reports, Manisha had visited the temple on July 12 while she was in her assembly constituency to attend a function. As per reports, after BJP MLA’s visit, the temple was washed with holy water and the statues of deities were sent to Prayag for their purification. The incident took place in Muskara Khurd village after the woman BJP MLA paid a visit to Dhrum Rishi temple not knowing that the entry of women was banned in the temple.

Commenting on the matter, BJP MLA Manisha Anuragi said that it is an insult to women. She claimed that these were the deeds of half-witted people. Meanwhile, the priest of the temple said that no woman has ever entered the temple. Commenting on the visit of Manisha Anuragi, the priest claimed that he was not in the temple else he wouldn’t have allowed her to enter the premises of the temple.

Reports suggest that the locals believe that the temple is from the Mahabharat era and the entry of a woman is banned. The locals of the village belie that if ever a woman visits or even touches the temple it will become impure. Commenting on the matter, a local said the entry of woman is banned inside the temple and it is all because of an old belief.

Upset over the visit of BJP MLA, an agitated priest said that their village was under a spell ever since the BJP MLA visited the temple. He claimed that since she walked into the temple, the village is facing extreme water problems.

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