On Wednesday, Uttar Pradesh police booked the father of a minor girl for raping her from past six months. The shocking incident took place in Budhana town of Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar. As per reports, the matter was highlighted recently after the mother had caught the father in the act. Reports add that after the after being stopped by the mother, the father of the minor child threatened both mother and daughter of dire consequences if they reported the matter to anyone.

As per reports, the mother and daughter ignored the threats and lodged a complaint against the accused. Commenting on the incident, the investigating police officer SP Omveer Singh said that a case has been registered and the investigations are underway. The accused was identified as a 40-year-old man

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The officer added that the minor girl was later sent for the medical examination, the results of which are said to be awaited. Commenting on the arrest, the officer said that attempts are being made to put the accused behind the bars and award him the strict punishment possible.

The shocker from Muzaffarnagar comes just a few days after Muzaffarnagar court sentenced a man to life imprisonment for raping his 10-year-old daughter. The judge also imposed a fine of Rs 25,000 on the man.

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The following shocker from Uttar Pradesh comes just a few months after a man from Punjab was arrested for raping his 6-year-old daughter.

In the complaint filed with the police, the mother of the victim said that she was going out of the house when she heard loud screams of her daughter. The mother added that after she went inside the house, she saw her husband raping their daughter.

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4 responses to “Uttar Pradesh man booked for raping minor daughter for 6 months”

  1. Rape is in the DNA of the Hindoo


    Sage Atri – Limpdick – As Shiva,Indra and Vishnu , “raped his wife Anasuya”

    Sage Gautama – Limpdick – As Indra “raped his wife Ahilya”, by stealth he said the following from the Skanda PuranaV.iii.136.2-16
    O beautiful la dy of uncensured features, resort to me, the king of Devas, “Sport about with me”.
    What will you do with this Brahmana “who has become lean and emaciated”, due to his “over- zealousness for purity and conventional rites and austerities” and Vedic studies
    Lord Rama’s father – Limpdick – His wife had “sex with a horse and 11 Brahmins”, to make Lord Rama
    Lord Rama’s Story – Limpdick – “Vishnu raped Tulsi/Vrinda”, as her husband , was a Brahmin Gandoo – then the “whore cursed Vishnu” to be “born as Rama” and have “his wife raped by Ravana” – all “due to the limpdick of 1 Brahmin” Madarchod
    What did the Aswins say before they raped the Brahmin Sukanya (The Aswins when their mommy got a blow job through the nose)
    Mahabharata 3.123
    “O divinely beautiful damsel, do thou, forsaking Chyavana accept one of us for husband. It behoveth thee not to spend thy youth fruitlessly…”

  2. The Hindoo Gods had a different way of rape

    Post Rape they composed rape poetry for the rape victim

    This is Indra


    The Genius

    Once, knowing that Gautama
    was away, Indra (called Thousand Eyes),
    Saci’s husband, took on the likeness
    of the sage, and said to Ahalya:
    ‘Men pursuing their desire do not wait
    for the proper season,
    O you , who have a perfect body.
    Making love with you:
    that’s what I want.
    That waist of yours is lovely.’

    What does Ahilya say

    And then, her inner being satisfied,
    she said to the god,
    ‘I’m satisfied, king of the gods.
    Go quickly from here.
    O giver of honor, lover,
    protect yourself and me.’

    And how does Indra “describe his sexual encounter “?

    And Indra smiled and said to Ahalya,
    ‘Woman of lovely hips,
    I am very content.
    I’ll go the way I came.’
    Thus after making love,
    he came out of the hut made of leaves.

  3. And this is the best practice of Krishna on Rape



    While Krishna was “kissing swarms of glowing nubile women”, Radhe became most beloved for his joy – like “jasmine for a bee”.

    The Poetry

    Krishna “looked longingly”, his face turned back,
    The border of his garment held by his friend the forest earth –
    He recalled Radhe’s “No! No! No!” while “he loosened her skirt knot”,
    Her syllables marked by her confusion,
    Her body wondrous in fear of love, her words barely intelligible.
    “Falling on her breasts’ firm tips”
    Radhe was like a laden kadamba tree,
    As tears were strewn by her “endless sighing and trembling gait”

  4. Rape is in the the Soul of the Hindoo !

    The lurid encounters are described in the Gita as under


    Note the fingernail practice

    Srimad Bhagavatam 10.29.45-46 ”Sri Krisna went with the gopis to the bank of the Yamuna, where the sand was cooling and the wind, enlivened by the river’s waves, bore the fragrance of lotuses.

    There Krisna threw His arms around the gopis and embraced them.
    He aroused Cupid in the beautiful young ladies of Vraja by “touching their hands, hair, thighs, belts and breasts”, by” playfully scratching them” with His fingernails, and also by joking with them, glancing at them and laughing with them.
    In this way the “Lord enjoyed His pastimes”

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