Yogi Adityanath’s Uttar Pradesh has again hit the headlines for the wrong reason. This time, the police have booked two youths for allegedly thrashing men over the suspicion of cow theft in Hapur’s Bejera Khurd district. A report suggests that one of the victims has succumbed to injuries after the attack. The deceased was lynched by a mob when he was warding off a buffalo and a calf along with his friend who had wandered into the former’s field.

 Mistaking them for cow thieves, people residing in the area brutally attacked them. The victim identified as Qasim died and his friend is said to be in a critical condition in the hospital. The police said that it has arrested 2 people into the matter and the search operations for the rest involved in the case are underway. The matter is being investigated, said the police officer having the knowledge of the case.

The incident came to light after the video having the footages of the violent attack was circulated on social media. The video reportedly shows Qasim lying in a blood on the ground. Notably, even after looking at the video, the local police has refused to call it a case of rumour-mongering and cattle-related. Police believe that the scuffle broke out between the man and the mob over a trivial issue.

Speaking to media about the case, Deputy SP was said that incident happened after a youth riding a two-wheeler met with an accident with Qasim and his friend Samaydin, which led to an argument. As the accident spot was close to the premises of village, the motorcyclist called more people to join him. Later, the agitated mob brutally beat Qasim to death and injured his friend.

Notably, the 2 accused Rakesh and Yudhister Sisodia have been arrested in the case under Section 302 and 307 of the IPC. 

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