With the Uttar Pradesh farmers up in arms against the state government for its failure to resolve the stray cattle menace, Aligarh police has come up with an unexpected move to solve the problem. The district police officials have decided to adopt 1 stray bovine each, primarily those that are unproductive and left out to fend for themselves by farmers. Though the proposal says it was voluntary to adopt cows, many senior officers have already decided to implement the novel idea.

Reports suggest, at a meeting of district police officials, helmed by the superintendent of police AK Sahni, all 41-police personnel who attended agreed to adopt one stray bovine each. These personnel include 4 additional SPs, 9 circle officers and 27 police station incharges, apart from the SSP himself.

“Some incidents have come to our notice in which the bovines which stopped giving milk were often abandoned to fend for themselves. We have had to face law and order issues because of these animals,” Aligarh Senior Superintendent of Police Ajay Kumar Sahni was quoted by ANI as saying.

Earlier, while protesting against the stray cattle menace, Aligarh farmers took cattles to government buildings and locked them up there. Around 500 stray cattle were locked at a primary school, following which the school remained shut for the next 2 days. The incident first happened at Ahraula village of Khair division, then other villages such as Rajipur, Datua Nagaria, Saipur and others, followed suit.

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