An adult tigress had been trapped and beaten to death by 9 people in Uttar Pradesh’s Mataina village in Pilibhit district on Thursday. A two-minute video revealed where it can be seen that the tigress being beaten by the villagers.

The disturbing incident took place in a protected zone of Pilibhit Tiger Reserve. The tigress had beaten brutally at a nearby place to where the forest officials were stationed.

According to the villagers, the tigress had attacked nine persons on Wednesday and the incident took place after the tigress attacked a 19-year-old villager Shyam Mohan on Thursday, as the big cat got surrounded by the villagers and brutally assaulted to death by villagers armed with spears and lathis.

According to PTR field director H Rajamohan, the injured tigress was aged between 5 to 6 years. He also said the tigress had been assaulted by a sharp-edged weapon like spears. It had broken ribs and sustained fractures on various parts of its body.

According to the reports, the forest department officials reached the spot minutes after the incidents but the villagers did not allow the tigress to be taken to the hospital. An FIR has been filed against 31 identified and 12 unknown people.

IANS reported, 16 tigers and 3 leopards have died in the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve and Philibhit district area since 2012.

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