The Uttarakhand Assembly on Wednesday passed a resolution to declared Cow as the national mother (Rashtra Mata). The Uttarakhand government will now send this resolution to the Centre for further consideration.

The resolution to declare cow as the national mother was proposed by Minister of Animal Husbandry Rekha Arya. Talking to the reporters, Rekha Arya said, “The last BJP government made Uttarakhand Protection of Cow Progeny Act, banning cow slaughter in the state. This time we want to ban cow killing in the country.”

Uttrakhand Congress chief Pritam Singh supported the resolution proposed by the state’s BJP government, while the leader of opposition Indira Hridyesh sought the government stance on abandoned bovines.

Animal husbandry secretary R Meenakshi Sundaram claimed that the population of abandoned cows will be reduced in next 10 years.

R Meenakshi Sundaram reported, “Nearly 75% abandoned bovines are male. Last month, we started production of sex-sorted semen with the help of Inguran Sexing Technology under Rashtriya Gokul Mission. This is going to help in reducing the population of stray bovine.”

“In a decade, we would be able to reduce 20-25% stray bovine,” Sundaram added.

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