After the Western ghats, the Monsoons have taken its tolls on Northern states as well. The state of Uttarakhand is in shambles with districts like Chamoli being the worst-hit areas as the death toll in the region has been mounting since the rains hit the state.

Heavy downpour and landslide have taken away nine lives in the state. Meanwhile, the rescue operation has been on and displaced people have been moved to the rescue camps. Besides the displaced, there are several people who have been gone missing as the rescue team continues its search for them.

So far, reports of at least nine casualties have surfaced from Uttarakhand including a woman and her nine-month-old toddler. Several other people who have gone missing are expected to be buried under the landslide debris. Among the worst-hit areas, it’s the Chamoli district that has reported maximum deaths.

The gushing river water also eroded two buildings on the banks of Chuflagad river. The state administration also declared a holiday in all educational institutions including Anganwadi for today i.e. August 13.

According to the state emergency centre in Dehradun, landslides subdued several houses in Chamoli’s Banjabgad, Aligaon and Lankhi villages and reportedly, those inside are alive and the rescue team is trying to get them out from there.

Meanwhile, in Jammu and Kashmir, a family of three died due to landslide in Resai district. Reports are suggesting that three others have been injured due to landslides in Laar village. The monsoon tragedy this year started with Kerala and the situation continues to remain grim. Other flood-hit states include Karnataka, Odisha, Gujarat and Maharashtra.




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