Thursday, September 29, 2022

Uttarakhand poll of polls: BJP’s comeback predicted

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Electoral lines have been drawn in the poll-bound state Uttarakhand, where the elections will take place in a single phase on February 14. While Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami-led BJP is looking to stay in power in Uttarakhand, the Indian National Congress and Aam Aadmi Party are leaving no stone unturned to waver the winds in their favour. Days before Uttarakhand goes polls, the NewsX’s poll of polls survey has predicted Bhartiya Janata Party’s comeback with a thumping majority.

Seat Share:

The Jan Ki Baat – India News survey has predicted that BJP is likely to sweep polls by winning 34-39 seats. Around 27-33 seats are likely to be secured by Congress, 2-4 by AAP and 0-1 by others, as per Jan Ki Baat. Republic-PMARQ has predicted 36-42 seats for BJP, 25-31 for Congress, 0-2 for AAP and 1-3 for others. C Voter has predicted 31-37 seats for BJP, 30-36 seats for Congress, 2-4 seats for AAP and 0-1 seats for others. VETO has predicted 42-46 seats for BJP, 12-14 seats for Congress, 8-11 seats for AAP, 2-5 for Independents. ETG has predicted 46-50 seats for BJP, 16-20 seats for Congress, 1-3 seats for AAP and 1-3 seats for others.

India TV has predicted a neck-to-neck race between BJP and Congress in Uttarakhand. It has estimated that both the parties are likely to secure 33-35 seats each, while AAP is likely to end up with only 0-1 seat.  Zee Design Boxed, on the other hand, has predicted that Congress (35 seats) is likely to lead against BJP (33 seats) in the poll-bound state, while AAP is likely to end up with only 1 seat.

Poll of polls has predicted that about 38 seats are likely to be secured by BJP, 27 seats by Congress, 3 seats by AAP and 2 seats by others.

Vote share:

Jan Ki Baat has predicted a 40% vote share for BJP, 38% for Congress, 11% for AAP and 11% for others. Zee Design Box has predicted 40% vote share for Congress, 39% for BJP, 12% for AAP and 9% for others. Republic-PMARQ has predicted 39.9% vote share for BJP, 37.5% for Congress, 13.1% for AAP and 9.5% for others. C Voter has predicted 42.6% vote share for BJP, 40.6% for Congress, 13.0% for AAP and 3.9% for others. VETO has predicted 41.11% vote share for BJP, 27.31% for Congress, 18.67% for AAP and 12.91% for others. ETG has predicted 43.7% vote share for BJP, 32.9% for Congress, 13.2% for AAP and 10.3% for others. India TV has predicted 46% vote share for Congress, 45% for BJP, 4% for AAP and 5% for others.

The poll of polls has predicted 41.61% vote share for BJP, 36.47% for Congress, 12.1% for AAP and 9.82% for others.

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