As the high voltage Assembly Elections 2021 results become clearer and verdict is out, it is time to act for the winning governments across the five states as India battles a deadly second wave. Amid covid spike, states govt need to design immediate action plans to beat the curve and decrease the number of rising infections. The daily spike had reached its peak of over four lakh cases on May 1 but came down to 392,488 cases on Sunday. As the number of covid cases in India continues to rise, healthcare facilities are under severe strain across the country. Patients and their relatives are running from pillar to post frantically trying to arrange plasma, blood, life-saving anti viral vials and oxygen. These visuals coming in from all over the country have left the nation’s conscience in shock.  The oxygen is one thing that needs massive ramping and ensuring supply to every Indian in need so.

Here are some steps different states and Centre govt can adopt in order to control the cases of covid infections rapidly spreading. Firstly  lockdown is one thing, which is already happening with total and weekend curfews in some cities and in the coming days, we might be able to see a decline in the number of cases because of this lockdown. Secondly, we need to enhance our vaccination drive, yet the local bodies haven’t been given any guidelines or notification as to how this vaccination process is going to be. There have been so much of confusion in hospitals. Medical fraternity and doctors are still making the public and govt understand  how the situation is very bad at the moment.

Thirdly, primary our focus should be about containing this surge right and figure how you go about it. We have to understand it in terms of say lockdown, or is lockdown a solution, or about micro containment zones or should you be looking at specific cities and specific areas where people are not allowed to come out. The state governments along with the Centre also have understand ways and solutions to doused oxygen supply, and stop the black market hoarding and the racketeering that is going on pan-India.

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