Uttarakhand BJP MLA Rudrapur Rajkumar Thukral stirred a controversy after his video of threatening a female police officer went viral on social media. As per reports, the threats by the BJP MLA were issued after he found that the police officer had detained a couple for violating traffic rules. In the video, the BJP MLA can be heard shouting at the police officer and issuing threats if she doesn’t allow the couple to walk free. In the viral video, BJP MLA Thukral walks towards the lady officer and threatens to hit her. The officer who had arrested the couple was identified as Sub Inspector of City Patrol Unit Anita Gairola.

As per reports, the following incident took place on Friday after a couple was detained by Anita Gairola for violating traffic rules. However, the matter was highlighted on Sunday after a video recorded by a passerby went viral on social media.

As per reports, the female lady cop had detained the couple after she found that the husband who was driving the motorcycle was under the influence of alcohol. The accused man had reportedly got into a heated argument with the lady officer after she had asked for the papers of the vehicle.

After failing to present the required documents, the couple as taken to the nearby police station where the BJP MLA Rudrapur Rajkumar Thukral arrived and demanded that the couple should be freed. Later, after the cops ignored his demands an argument broke out between the cops present at the police station and the BJP MLA.

Later, the lady police officer filed a complaint against the BJP MLA over his behaviour at the police station. 

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