Extending sympathies to Jet Airways founder Naresh Goyal, fugitive businessman Vijay Mallya hit back at the Centre for allegedly discriminating between state-owned and private airlines. Criticising Indian government, Mallya tweeted that he felt sorry to see such a large private airline on the brink of failure despite the government using 35K crores of public funds to bail out Air India. Just being a Public Sector Unit (PSU) is no excuse for discrimination, tweeted Mallya.

Mallya further tweeted that it was because of his investment into Kingfisher that the airline grew to become India’s largest and most awarded airline. Referring to his 100 per cent payback offer, Mally said despite offering a complete payback he was criminally charged by the Indian government.

Attacking media, Mally said every time he was willing to pay back to the PSU Banks, media dubbed him for being spooked of extradition from the U.K. to India. The tweet also read that he was willing to pay either way, whether he was in London or in an Indian jail, and questioned banks on why they were not accepting the money he offered first.

Expressing solidarity with Jet owner Naresh Goyal, Mallya tweeted that they were fierce competitors, and India should be extremely proud of Jet’s founding members Naresh and Neeta Goyal.

Mallya had last week submitted a renewal application appealing against his extradition to India in the UK High Court. The former liquor baron is accused of fraud and money laundering charges worth Rs 9,000 crores in India.

The former Kingfisher owner failed in his first attempt seeking leave to appeal in the court earlier this month. He had five business days to renew that application to seek an oral hearing before a High Court judge.

Mallya had earlier targeted PM Narendra Modi-led government for using the Kingfisher crisis against the UPA government as a vote bank factor.

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