Vikram Lander Found: Chandrayan 2 which had launched on July 22 was supposed to land on moon’s south pole on September 7.  Vikram Lander was 2.1 km away from moon’s south pole and after that ISRO scientists lost communication with the orbiter. It was a great disappointment for the scientists of ISRO but their hard work paid off. 

Many people criticized India but many supported for an incredible effort. As usually India’s neighboring as well as a rival country Pakistan made demeaning comments on ISRO and on India’s effort. Fawad Chowdhary insulted the country and made wrong comments. But every citizen of India including, celebrities, politicians, scholars supported ISRO for their commendable efforts. 

After losing the communication ISRO scientists faced heartbreak and cried but PM Narendra Modi consoled them and appreciate their hard work and ask them to trust themselves. He said that you all are best and served best to India. Many scientists started assuming that orbiter has lost communication because it got crashed, some scientists said that due to the high speed near the moon’s south pole the lander got burned. 

After so many hopes and so many despair ISRO received a signal that orbiter is sending thermal images and it is still surviving in the solar system. It was the prayer and hopes of all the Indians and of course ISRO scientists unstoppable hardship. After sleepless night ISRO scientists successfully tracked Vikram Lander. Although the communication is yet to be done nothing has gone till now. The joy of Vikram Lander Found results in creative memes on social media.

Fawad Chaudhary who made demeaning comments on Chandhrayan -2 became Indian’s first target to troll on social media and made him realize that what he was talking about. Indian’s were hopeless a few hours ago but now they are filled with new spark and happiness. You must have a look at this creative, unique and funny meme fest that is trending today in India. Share these memes with your friends, colleagues, and family to enjoy the comeback of Vikram Lander. 



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