Shocking details are emerging from the boat tragedy that took place on Sunday evening in Krishna river of Andhra Pradesh in which at least 16 people were killed. According to media reports, staff members of River Boat and Adventure Company escaped from the boar after sensing the trouble instead of helping the passengers including a 6-year-child. Police have identified the trip and have launched a manhunt. Vijayawada Commissioner of Police D Gautham Sawang in a conversation with Times of India revealed that the driver was inexperienced and unfamiliar with the route.

“The driver Suribabu is not familiar with the route. Experienced operators know how to navigate in strong currents. This driver acted negligently. The trio including the driver was on the top of the boat, and they jumped first from the boat while it was turning upside down. They are good swimmers and swam across to the bank and vanished,” he said. Around 10 passengers were clinging on to supporting roads and hanging inside the water looking for support when the trio ran away.

“My dad P Seetharamaih and I practice medicine as RMPs. Both my father and mother died in the mishap. Luckily my daughter Pasupleti Ujwal Sai survived. She is just six years old. She took courage and was clinging on to the boat while her grandfather and grandmother drowned. The staff of another boat company rescued her. The girl developed little temperature after the incident, but she is undeterred,” He demanded the government to arrest the boat owners and driver,” TOI quoted a resident of Ongole as saying.

The overloaded boat belonging to a private company had capsized in Andhra Pradesh’s Krishna river on Sunday evening. At least 16 people were killed in the accident. Around 15 people were saved by local fishermen following escape of staff members.

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