In another incident exposing politicians misusing their power and position, a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Rajdhani Yadav slapped and argued with a district transport officer after a nameplate was removed from his personal car. The leader was later arrested by the police authorities. In a video which went viral on social media, it shows the BJP leader approaching a district transport officer and suddenly starts slapping him and indulging in an argument. It can also be seen the video that another person was trying to remove a nameplate from a car. However, so far it has not been confirmed what the nameplate was about and why did the leader get so angry that he took this shameful and insensitive step.

Meanwhile, following the incident, the BJP leader Rajdhani Yadav was booked for his insensitive act as he was arrested by the police. However, there has been no statement from the leader itself or the party on this arrogant behaviour exposing politicians show of power and misusing its influence by taking law & order in their own hands. The district transport officer who was insulted and slapped by the BJP leader Rajdhani Yadav has also not spoken on the incident so far. While the leader was slapping the transport officer repeatedly, he did try to stop him following which an argument was started between both of them.

Not a first incident when politicians used their power and position to turn things up in their favour. Politicians from cross parties have somewhere in time downgraded their office by indulging in such practices. Many leaders by misusing their position have misbehaved with employees working at toll plazas or their helpers by not paying the toll fee and creating a law & order situation. 

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