A 54-year-old man fed up with family issues tried to end his life at the Kurla Railway on Monday but fate had something else in mind. Around 1:30 PM on Monday, when Narendra Damaji Kotekar lay himself down on the railway track to commit suicide, within seconds the co-passengers, waiting at the platform rushed onto the track and rescued him.

The dramatic action was captured on the CCTV installed at the platform and is being widely circulated on social media platforms and WhatsApp groups.

Kotekar on being asked why he attempted such a drastic step said that he wanted to end his life as he was fed up with family issues.

The family of the man was called after the incident and he was sent back with them after counselling.

The incident has come days after another passenper was saved by an alert policeman at Panvel railway station. The man trying to hop on the moving train was dragged on the edge of the platform. At the nick of time, a Railway police personnel jumped and pulled him back.

Earlier in February, a 7-year-old was saved by a constable of Railway Protection Force in Naigaon railway station in Mumbai. The constable, identified as Sunil Kumar Napa,’s swift action saved the boy from slipping into the small gap between the train track and the platform.

Mumbai trains, often called the lifeline of the city witness more than 8 accidents per day, as per a report on NDTV and according to the numbers of the Government Railway Police over 3,000 people have died in train accidents in 2017.

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