Chaos situation was witnessed at Imphal Airport after passengers of Guwahati bound flight IndoGo6E 687 Imphal-Guwahati, which was scheduled to take off at 9.45AM was repeatedly postponed for its take off and after hours of waiting was finally cancelled. The IndoGo Airlines flight which was repeatedly postponed got cancelled around 2:30PM. According to reports, the passengers who were waiting for their flight to take off were asked to take care of themselves. Sources say at least 174 passengers were stranded at the Imphal Airport.

IndiGo Airlines has meanwhile responded and issued a press statement on the matter. The airlines has said that  visibility was bad due to which flight operations to and fro were affected. “Guwahati had observed the drop in the visibility today due to which flight operations to and fro have been disrupted since morning. The officials claimed they regret the inconvenience caused to the passengers, and are making all necessary food, accommodation arrangements and also facilitating alternate flight for all the passengers,” the airlines said. 

Earlier in this month only, a Parliamentary Standing Committee had condemned the recent incident when a passenger was manhandled by Indigo staff, adding that airlines need to become passenger friendly and its staff should learn to say please and Thank you. “The Committee noted that recently there were many incidents of manhandling, discourteous and rude behaviour by airlines staff, both ground staff and cabin crew. Some of them were reported in the media and a large number of them went unreported. While narrating some of the incidents of misbehaviour in airlines, especially in Indigo, the majority of the Members opined that the attitude of airlines staff is very condescending, often uncooperative and on many occasions, downright rude.”

Following alternate flights are being arranged:
6E 9251/9687 Guwahati-Imphal-Guwahati at 18: 10 IST from Guwahati
Delhi-Guwahati at 12:30 pm on January 14 for all Delhi passengers. 

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