In a proud moment for the security forces in the Jammu and Kashmir (J&K), passengers at the Jammu airport suddenly stood up and applauded a CRPF battalion when the CRPF personnel were heading towards boarding their flight at the airport. Civilians at the Jammu airport started clapping and welcomed the CRPF personnel and honoured them for the tough job they do, which is to secure the lives of crores of people in the nation. 

Passengers at the Jammu airport who were waiting to board their respective flights warmly received received a CRPF battalion and dozens of passengers started applauding by clapping and respecting army jawans who risk their lives securing the border from nefarious acts of terrorists and respecting the national flag.

Reacting on the sudden warmth and welcome by the passengers on the Jammu airport, few CRPF personnel while appreciating this act by the civilians said that they were happy to see people cheering for them and thanked civilians for this generous gesture. CRPF personnel also mentioned that such kind of encouragement was required from the citizens of the country which act as morale booster for the army jawans. Some CRPF jawans took out their cell phones and started recording the event when they were being applauded by the civilians.

However in a complete contrary to this, where one side army jawans have been respected and honoured by the civilians in public, in another event which took place on October 8, heart breaking pictures of bodies of seven military personnel which were covered in plastic sacks and tied up in cardboard boxes had triggered outrage among people on social media. The soldiers lost their lives when an Indian Air Force IAF Mi-17 chopper crashed in Arunachal Pradesh’s Tawang on Friday.

Former Northern Army commander Lt Gen (retd) HS Panag had posted the purported images with a tweet saying, ” Seven young men stepped out into the sunshine yesterday to serve their motherland, India. This is how they came home.” The former army officer further clarified his point and said, “The bodies must be placed in proper body bags and not cartons. No point of displaying coffins later … coffins are in any case not available in field. The issue is our Armed Forces do not have proper body bags.”