Following Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s statement that BJP leaders now take two steps back thinking he will hug them, a BJP MP on Thursday accepted the fact saying “Yes, we do fear to hug Rahul Gandhi.” The reason he gave could agitate the Congress president who recently joked about the same topic at a gathering in Delhi. During a book launch on Wednesday, Rahul Gandhi attacked the BJP leaders saying that ever since he has hugged Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Parliament, the BJP MPs take two steps back thinking he will hug them.

Taking a dig at Congress’ face for 2019 general elections, BJP MP Nishikant Dubey said that BJP MPs fear to hug Rahul Gandhi as their wives might divorce them after that. He said that no BJP MP would ever deny hugging Rahul Gandhi if he gets married. Also highlighting the party’s conscious regarding the Section 377, Dubey said that another reason to not hug Rahul Gandhi is that Section 377 hasn’t been scrapped yet. 

On Friday, July 20, Rahul Gandhi faced a wrath of BJP MPs and workers after he hugged PM Modi in the Parliament after his speech on the no-confidence motion. A few minutes after the hug, he was also caught winking at one of his party leaders. Besides irking a number of BJP leaders, the hug also welcomed a series of memes and trolls on social media. PM Modi also hit back at Rahul Gandhi during his speech in the parliament that made headlines the other day. 

Coming to the no-trust motion, the Congress in coalition with some other opposition parties moved the no-confidence motion in the parliament. However, the ruling party came out to be a clear winner leaving the Opposition red-faced. 

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