Sunday, August 14, 2022

‘We must welcome exams like festivals’: Modi at 5th edition of ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday addressed the 2022 edition of ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’. PM Modi urged parents and teachers to not force their “unfulfilled dreams” upon their children and let them choose their future “freely”. He also said that students should not be pressurized by teachers and students to score good marks. He further said, “We must welcome exams like festivals.”

He also stated during the address, “Parents sometimes fail to closely observe the strength and interests of their children. We should understand that every child is blessed with something extraordinary that parents and teachers fail to discover a lot of times.”

Prime Minister Modi also took the opportunity to highlight the need of the new National Education Policy (NEP) brought in by his government. “We have to change with the times. NEP should be called ‘National Education Policy. So many people were involved in drafting the policy. We were brainstorming on it for the last 6-7 years. We took the advice of teachers and students from far-flung areas along with modern intellectuals,” he stated.

PM Modi also encouraged students to explore what interests them. He added, “There is no injection or formula for motivation. Instead, discover yourself better. Find out what makes you happy and work on that. Do things that you enjoy.”

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